If you have items to sell, please call Litchfield County Auctions at 860-567-4661 to set up an appointment for us to view the property.

The process sometimes takes longer than one would think, so the earlier you call the better. Alternately, you may send photographs to speed up the process.
On the day of the visit, we will physically inspect the property. Questions we will ask include: which items are being kept by the family and which items are to be sold? Is there any additional information about the items, such as an old appraisal or a file of receipts? What is the timing? When do the items need to be moved? Are we to broom sweep or just remove certain items?

Outright Purchase

In the event that you would like to sell the items directly to Litchfield Auctions, we will offer you a specific dollar amount for the items that you are planning to sell. In this case, there are no additional fees that you will need to pay, such as trucking, broom sweep, insurance, photography or anything else, and payment will be made immediately.


Should you wish to sell the items on a consignment basis we will tailor a proposal to meet your needs. Generally speaking, our rates are based on both the value and number of items being consigned. Where practical, we will make a listing of the items that are going to be sold, with estimates of their values.


Litchfield County Auctions performs complimentary, verbal appraisals of Fine Art and Antiques for the purpose of selling those items through LCA at auction.

LCA also provides written appraisals for the purposes of Insurance, Estate, or general dispersal of items. As a past president of the Appraisers Association of America and a member for over 30 years, Weston Thorn is qualified in the appraising of 17th-20th Century Fine Art and Antiques.


Every estate situation is unique.

Please call 860-567-4661 to discuss your specific appraisal needs.